Strip Heater


Strip heaters are available in a number of constructions depending on the material to be heated and the application. Sheath Temperatures are typically 700 degree to 1400 degree F depending on construction, watt density sheath martial and type of insulation used. All strip heaters are available with various Terminations to suit individual application

Type of strip heater:-

We are making Four-type strip heater. We used material in strip heater best quality.

• Mica insulated strip heater
• Finned strip heater’
• Ceramic strip heater
• Aluminum cast strip heater

Mica Insulated Strip Heater

Finned Strip Heater

Ceramic Strip Heater

Aluminum Cast Strip Heater


Typical Applications:-

• Dies and molds
• Tank and platen heating
• Thermoforming
• Packaging and sealing equipment
• Ovens
• Food warming equipment
• Vulcanizing presses
• Duct, space and air heaters
• Incubators
• Autoclaves
• Freeze and moisture protection


• Various thicknesses, dependent on heater style.
• Mica, ceramic or mgo filled insulation.
• Higher watt densities and Temperatures H.D.
• Zinc steel or stainless steel design possible.
• Wide variety of termination available.
• Wide variety of sizes and option (Holes, notches or cut outs