Ceramic Band Heater



Ceramic band heater by Madina Company provide long life and use less wattage because of insulation in plastic extrusion and injection molding application. The heater is constructed with a stainless steel shroud enclosing high quality ceramic knuckles through which runs coiled high Temperature nickel-chromium element wire. Configuration choices allow selection of one or two piece, Heaters type of closure, and type of lead /post terminals.

Advantage of Ceramic Band Heater:

• Lower operating cost.
• Operator comfort.
• Longer heater life.
• Higher operating Temperatures.
• Flexible.
• Dual heat transfer.
• Maximum Production
• Fast Heat – Up
• Unaffected by expansion and contraction of part being heated

While Ordering Ceramic Insulated Band Heaters...

Please specify the following:

• Inside diameter of Heater Band (or the outside diameter of the part around which the    heater is to fit)
•  Width (frequently referred to as "length")
•  Type of line connection (i.e. Screw Terminals, Flexible Leads etc)
• Opening between lock-up flanges (standard gap is approximately 10 mm). A larger    opening might be required if temperature control instruments etc are to be inserted at this    point.
• If any clearance holes or cut-outs are required in the body of the heater, the size and    location (preferably by sketch)
•  Watts
•  Volts


• Blow Molding Machines.
• Injection Molding Machines.
• Extruders
• Blow Film Dies and Various cylindrical applications