Mica Band and Nozzle Heater



Mica insulated band & nozzle band heaters are efficient and economical solutions to the heating requirements of many applications. Although their maximum sheath temperature is limited to 900°F, with different electrical termination styles, clamping mechanisms, and ability to accommodate holes and cutouts, band heaters are successfully used in many applications



Mica Band Nozzle Heater:-

Mica Band nozzle Heaters are sheathed with plated C.R.C.A. / Brass or
Stainless Steel sheets. Heaters are provided with 1.5mm asbestos insulation
and stainless steel cover. The heating Element (Windings) is of high quality
Nickel-Chromium resistance wires. Heaters are available in One-piece and
Two- piece designs




Line connections:

• Screw Terminals
• Appliance Pins
• Flexible Leads
• Sheath - Stainless Steel MS Brass

Advantages of Mica Band Heaters:

• High watt-density capabilities
• Reasonably high temperature capabilities 600 degrees F (900 degrees F short term)
• Good efficiency
• Good lifetime
• Low cost

Indicative illustration of Features:

Standard Mica Band Heater:
Die & Vessel Heating up to 200°C. Plug in Socket     Arrangement.

•  Cross Head Heaters:
Special Cut, Extruder Special.

•  Outer Clamp for Element
             Extra Clamp
             Uniform Heating

• Screw Terminal in Cover Box
             Easy to Connect
             Protects Terminates



• Extruders
• Blow Molding Machines
• Injection Molding Machines
• Blow Film Dies and Various Cylindrical application