Control Panal



Madina Panels produces control panels for Original Equipment Manufacturers better, faster, and cheaper than its customers and competitors Madina Panels also offers advanced technology to improve Product Development, Documentation, Marketing, Sales, Ordering, Scheduling, Production, and Testing at no charge.

We specialize in helping process equipment manufacturers with their skid mounted, or separately mounted, control panels. We help them improve their control products, and control product flow, and offer the following unique proposition. Allow us to use our advanced technology to improve your business to improve our business.

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Types of control panel:

  • • L.T power panel
  • • PF power two control panel
  • • ATS control panel
  • • AC/DC motor control panel
  • • VXS   motor control panel
  • • AVR control card
  • • Temperature control panel
  • • Distribution power panel
  • • UPS