Cartridge Heater



Our unit is available size dia4mm to 32mm, length, as you need. Cartridge heaters are available in 3 Types:

1.High Density (Swaged) Cartridge Heater

The high watt density cartridge heaters (CCHC) have been studied for applications using watt densities between 0 and 50 W/CM² and temperature until 800 ° C.

2. Medium Density Cartridge Heaters

(CCMC) for Watt densities from 0 to 12W/cm².

3. Low density cartridge heaters

The low-density cartridge heaters have proven their efficiency for a long time. They have been developed for applications, which do not use high power density and have surface temperatures not greater than 650 ° C.

High Density
Medium Density
Low density
Cartridge Heaters manufactured by Madina are suitable for many diverse applications. Hi-Density Cartridge Heaters feature a swaged construction suitable for temperatures up to 1460ºF (800ºC). Low density Cartridge Heaters are an economical alternative that can be used in applications requiring lower operating temperatures and watt densities

• Swaged in Leads
• Crimped on Leads
• Post Terminals
• Right Angle Leads
• Teflon Seal
• Silicone Rubber Seal
• Epoxy Seal
• Swaged in Braid
• Right Angle Stainless Steel Braid
• Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit
• Copper Coupler and Stainless Steel   Flexible Conduit
• Right Angle Stainless Steel Conduit
• Copper Elbow and Stainless Steel Flexible    Conduit
• Hex Head Pipe Fittings
• Double Ended Threaded NPT Fittings
• Flanges
• Locating Rings
• Thermocouples
• Bent Hot Rod
• SJO Cord
• Double Ended Heater


Cartridge Heater Construction;




  1. Specify diameter,
2. Length,
3. Voltage,
4. Watts,
5. Lead Length
6. Temperature